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What is kinesiology?

Kinesiology is based on thousands of years of chinese knowledge. Chiropractor Dr George Goodheart (USA) developed the method during the seventies. The word kinesiology comes from greek, meaning "science of motion". Kinesiology deals with the flow of energy within a human being, "to be balanced", by using the meridians (our energy circuits) and a muscle test. Through the muscle test we're creating a dialogue between body and soul enabling us to find factors of stress, often grounded in early childhood. Stress is a natural process of adaptation which is necessary for survival, but too much stress affects our bodily and spiritual health, causing us to lose our balance. Our perception of the world and our ability to make decisons becomes blocked. The flow is disrupted. This severely hampers conscious, creative thinking from making positive changes in our lives. Thereby we lose the ability to look at our surroundings with love. Using kinesiological guidance balance is regained. By the balancing of meridians our life energy is once again free to flow. The meridians are closely linked to our feelings - the soul - our brain, our glands, other organs like the heart, stomach, muscles and skeleton. Depending on needs, the effect is either reviving or calming. Additional energy becomes available, life is experienced more vividly and peacefully. Memory will improve. Life becomes easier even if the challenges stay the same. Past experiences, shadowy feelings, old difficulties and patterns can be processed. Body soul and spirit can relax. You become grounded in your self and in love.. finally.. responsibility can be taken for this wonderful planet, Mother Earth, our nature.